Adobe Target Recommendations Overview

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A 1 day interactive course led by one of our expert instructors where you’ll learn how to use Adobe Target Recommendations to make personalised and engaging experiences for visitors to your websites.

Resources provided: Learner handbook, access to tool sandbox and access to development website

Delivery method: Face to face (on your premises or an Optisights arranged location)

Target audience: Analytics Administrators, Technical Leads, IT, and Developers

Maximum number of attendees: 10




After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of recommendations
  • Configure and create a recommendation
  • Describe Target Recommendations algorithms
  • Create collections and exclusions for a recommendation
  • Manage your product feed using catalog search
  • Manage recommendations activities in Adobe Target
  • Import entities into recommendations using feeds
  • Interpret Target Recommendations reports


  1. Introduction to Adobe Target Recommendations
    • Recommendations: Benefits
    • Examples of recommendations
    • Terms and concepts
  2. Configure and create Target Recommendations
    • Key components of a recommendation
    • Recommendations: Strategy and design
    • Visual Experience composer vs. Form-based composer
    • Regional Mbox vs. Global Mbox
    • Recommendation experience composers – Experience, Targeting, and Goals &
    • Settings workflow
    • Manage recommendations activities in Target
    • Perform QA and activate a recommendation
    • Build a recommendation in the VEC
    • Build a recommendation in the FEC
    • Perform QA and activate a recommendation
  3. Target Recommendations algorithms
    • Algorithms and criteria overview
    • Types of recommendations algorithms
    • Configuration settings for a new criterion
    • Configure and create new criteria
  4. Collections, Exclusions, and Catalog Search
    • Overview
    • Create, edit, and change collections
    • Create exclusions
    • Locate products or content using catalog search
    • Refine product search using catalog search options
  5. Design overview
    • Settings, entities, and thumbnails
    • Configure a custom design
  6. Data Feeds and Settings
    • Purpose of feeds
    • Create a feed
  7. Target Recommendations reports
    • Recommendations report settings
    • Interpret reports
  8. Summary and review