Adobe Target Introduction

£900.00 £700.00

A 1 day course led by one of our expert instructors which teaches you how to use the core functionality of Adobe Target in order to implement optimisation activities on your websites.

Through this interactive session, you’ll learn how to create multi-variant targeting tests through the Visual Experience Composer, including how to create audiences and interpret test reporting.

Resources provided: Learner handbook, access to tool sandbox and access to development website

Delivery method: Face to face (on your premises or an Optisights arranged location)

Target audience: Analytics Administrators, Technical Leads, IT, and Developers

Maximum number of attendees: 10




After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define key terms and concepts to explain Adobe Target capabilities
  • Create, perform quality assurance on, and activate an Adobe Target A/B test and Experience Targeting
  • Design visitor experiences using both the Visual and Form-based Experience Composers
  • Create and manage offers using the Adobe Target Content Library
  • Create and use audiences for segmenting and targeting using the Adobe Target Audience list
  • View and interpret Adobe Target report results to make business decisions
  • Perform essential verification steps to investigate issues with content delivery
  • Implement the key aspects of governance required for a successful optimisation program


  1. Introduction and Overview
    • Terms and Concepts
  2. Creating Activities
    • A/B Tests
    • Experience Targeting
    • Quality Assurance
    • Hosts and Environments
    • Managing activities
  3. Composing Experiences
    • Visual Experience Composer
    • Mobile Viewports
    • Form-based Composer
    • Configuration and Settings
  4. Content
    • Image and Code offers
    • HTML
  5. Audiences and Targeting
    • Creating audiences
    • Targeting and report filtering
  6. Reports
    • Adobe Target Sample Size Calculator
    • Report interpretation
    • Lift, Confidence Level, and Confidence Interval
  7. Conflict Resolution, Expected Behavior, and Verification
    • Activity collisions and resolution
    • Content and Counting behavior
    • Using Experience Cloud Debugger
  8. Governance
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Assessing your company and site
    • Testing plans & How To Begin
    • Campaign lifecycle
    • Champion & advocate