Adobe Target Advanced Audiences (Analytics and Cloud Audiences)

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A 1 day interactive course led by one of our expert instructors where you’ll learn how to leverage Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for Adobe Target (A4T) and Experience Cloud audiences in order to increase understanding of your website visitors and determine optimisation activities.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, including how to plan, build, and execute optimisation activities. This course also assumes a general understanding of A/B testing and site optimisation.

Resources provided: Learner handbook, access to tool sandbox and access to development website

Delivery method: Face to face (on your premises or an Optisights arranged location)

Target audience: Business users (including optimisation managers and marketers) and users implementing the People Core Service and A4T

Maximum number of attendees: 10




After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Explain the benefits and key concepts of integrating Adobe Target with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions

• Create A4T activities and interpret activity reports

• Share historical audiences from Adobe Analytics to Adobe Target

• Create real-time audiences from the Audience Library

• Share audiences from Adobe Audience Manager to Adobe Target

• Use customer attributes for expanded targeting and segmentation

• Implement and validate the A4T and the Experience Cloud ID Service

• Troubleshoot common issues involving the People Core Service, Experience Cloud Audiences, and A4T


  1. Target’s Integration with Experience Cloud Solutions
    • Integration benefits
    • People Core Service
    • Experience Cloud ID Service
    • Analytics as the Reporting Source for
    • Target (A4T)
    • Experience Cloud Audiences
  2. Analytics as the Reporting Source for Target (A4T)
    • A4T configuration settings
    • A4T considerations
    • A4T reports: Latency considerations
    • Configure an A4T activity
    • Configuring A4T results
  3. Historical Audiences shared from Adobe Analytics
    • Share Analytics segments
    • Considerations when choosing historical audiences
    • Data latencies: Audiences shared from Adobe Analytics
  4. Creating Real-Time Audiences
    • Audience Library: Capabilities
    • Create an audience by using Audience Library
    • Sharing audience from Audience Manager: Benefits
    • Create an audience segment by using Audience Manager
    • Data latencies: Real-time audiences
    • Building audiences: Guidelines
  5. Utilizing Customer Attributes
    • Customer Attributes: Benefits and caveats
    • Configuration: Creating a new Customer
    • Attribute source in Experience Cloud
    • Create Customer Attributes to target visitors
    • Create an audience based on Customer Attribute for a Target activity
  6. Implementation and Validation
    • Experience Cloud ID Service
    • A4T
    • Customer Attributes
  7. Troubleshooting
    • Common issues
    • Using Trace
    • Troubleshooting: Experience Cloud ID and Customer Attributes