Adobe Launch Introduction

£900.00 £700.00

A 1 day course led by one of our expert instructors which introduces you to the capabilities of Adobe Experience Platform Launch (formerly known as Discover Launch by Adobe).

Through this interactive session, you’ll learn how to use the key functionality that will enable you to deploy and manage analytics, marketing and advertising tags necessary to power your customer experiences.

Resources provided: Learner handbook, access to tool sandbox and access to development website

Delivery method: Face to face (on your premises or an Optisights arranged location)

Target audience: Developers and system administrators

Maximum number of attendees: 10




After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Describe the capabilities of Experience Platform Launch

• Create a property

• Create a host

• Create a development environment

• Install and configure extensions

• Create data elements

• Build rules

• Publish changes

• Describe Launch best practices

• Explain the differences between the Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) and Experience Platform Launch interfaces

• Describe the benefits and process involved in upgrading from DTM to Experience Platform Launch


  1. Tag Management
  2. Experience Platform Launch: Capabilities
  3. Users and permissions
  4. Experience Platform Launch: Key concepts
    • Companies and Properties
    • Hosts
    • Environments
  5. Extensions
    • Core Extension
    • Adobe Analytics Extension
    • Experience Cloud ID Service Extension
    • Adobe Target Extension
    • Adobe ContextHub Extension
    • Adobe Audience Manager Extension
  6. Data Elements
    • Data layers
    • Data Elements: Types
  7. Rules
    • Events
    • Conditions
    • Exceptions
    • Actions
    • Rule Order
  8. Publishing
    • Library
    • Build
    • Approval workflow
  9. Appendix: Experience Platform Launch best practices
  10. Appendix: Differences between DTM and Experience Platform Launch
  11. Appendix: Upgrading from DTM to Experience Platform Launch