Adobe Analytics Workspace Overview

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A 2 day course led by one of our expert instructors that introduces you to Analysis Workspace which will enable you to get the most from this capability within the Adobe Analytics solution.

Through this interactive session, you’ll learn how to use the reporting interface in order to create simple to understand reports and visualisations which answer your business questions and enable effective decision making.

Resources provided: Learner handbook, access to tool sandbox and access to development website

Delivery method: Face to face (on your premises or an Optisights arranged location)

Target audience: Business users accessing this capability for site use and marketing

Maximum number of attendees: 10




After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Define Digital Analytics and explain the process

• Introduce Adobe Analytics capabilities and functionalities

• Configure projects using Analysis Workspace

• Determine which channels help you acquire site visitors

• Identify and group visitors based off of attributes and site behaviour

• Find out which pages visitors visit and if they convert on the site

• Analyse how frequently visitors return to the site and if they convert again

• Create custom segments and use them to filter reports

• Create calculated metrics and apply them to reports

• Describe Analysis Workspace visualisations


• Digital Analytics: An Introduction

• Adobe Analytics: An Overview

• Introduction to Analysis Workspace

• Contextual Menus and Report Breakdowns in Analysis Workspace

• Adobe Analytics Metrics

• Introduction to Segmentation

• Introduction to Calculated Metrics

• Visitor Acquisition Reporting in Analysis Workspace

• Visitor Identification Reports in Analysis Workspace

• Visitor Activity Reports in Analysis Workspace

• Content Consumption Reports in Analysis Workspace

• Visitor Retention and Growth Reports in Analysis Workspace

• Analysis Workspace Visualisations

• Products and Capabilities of Adobe Analytics